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Macrosafe is one of top ten manufacturer of turnstiles (tripod turnstiles/flap barriers/swing barrier/full height turnstiles) in China, which have been specialized in turnstile barrier gates over 10 years, exported over 60 contouries.

With the continuous development of economy and technology, more and more office buildings use the self-service management method of intelligent gates to replace manual registration management, to maximize the management level of office building entrances and exits, and to create a self-service and comfortable entry and exit experience. Entrance and exit turnstiles can manage the entry and exit of internal employees, foreign visitors, etc. The gate turnstiles integrated with face recognition/fingerprint/IC card are convenient and improve management efficiency, and are conducive to the establishment of data and visual management.
Why should an office building be equipped with entrance and exit turnstiles? On the one hand, the labor statistics of employee attendance are relatively cumbersome. Combining with the attendance system to customize attendance turnstiles, employees can quickly record their work records, which is convenient for attendance statistics and improves work efficiency; on the other hand, the flow of people entering and leaving office buildings It is huge, and the identity of the personnel is relatively complex. In addition to corporate employees and customers, there are often couriers, food delivery personnel, strangers, etc. entering and leaving. The traditional manual registration management is difficult, and it is prone to omissions and inaccurate identification of personnel. . By installing channel turnstile gates, you can identify people entering and leaving one by one. Compared with manual management, it has higher accuracy and stricter management.

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