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Macrosafe is one of top ten manufacturer of turnstiles (tripod turnstiles/flap barriers/swing barrier/full height turnstiles) in China, which have been specialized in turnstile barrier gates over 10 years.

Macrosafe full-height turnstiles are a common type of pedestrian access turnstiles. Generally speaking, compared with three-roller turnstiles, swing turnstiles, and wing turnstiles, they have stronger security performance and provide floor-to-ceiling security. Ordinary turnstiles are taller and larger, and there are many more stainless steel rotating rods than three-roller turnstiles, which prevents the phenomenon of drilling and climbing. It is more functionally compatible, and can be compatible with access control, visitors, face recognition terminals, etc.

In terms of actual use, the full-height turnstile can be used to control the entry and exit of personnel in a single channel, or it can be used in multiple channels to control the lock and unlock status of the gate at any time. With strong anti-tailing ability, it is a good choice for construction sites, gymnasiums and communities. The motor control method adopts high-performance DSP chip, low noise, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
The full-height turnstile channel is beautiful and durable as a whole. It has been brushed in the process and is not easy to rust. Generally, it can reach 20-35 people per minute at a time. In the case of evacuation, it is generally 60 people per minute. The communication interface supports RS485 / RS232; TCP/ IP interface (customizable)

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