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Afforable turnstiles in Malaysia | Trusted Supplier & 2 Years warranty

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Macrosafe is one of top ten manufacturer of turnstiles (tripod turnstiles/flap barriers/swing barrier/full height turnstiles) in China, which have been specialized in turnstile barrier gates over 10 years. We provide various turnstiles to Malaysia from cost-effective to high end, meets different project needs.
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Unmanned pedestrian channel management facilitates(including tripod turnstiles/flap barriers/swing barrier/full height turnstiles) the construction of smart parks. Speaking of smart park construction, it includes pedestrian passage management system, parking lot management system, access control management system, attendance system, etc. It is not just one aspect of construction management, but involves all aspects of the park. Because everything in the modern society is developing in the direction of intelligence, the construction of intelligent parks is much more convenient and faster than traditional parks, and the office environment also has a different experience. The pedestrian passage management system helps the intelligent park to open an unattended era. .

Where is the “intelligence” of the pedestrian passage management system?
The diversity and customizability of pedestrian gates determine that there is a lot of room for integration. Due to the needs of different scenarios, biometric technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and multiple identification modes of card swiping can be customized, as well as docking wisdom. Other subsystems such as access control, attendance, attendance, and other subsystems in the park complete integrated park management, saving time and effort. Online data is clear at a glance. Improve the overall image of the park and the experience of people passing through. The intelligent anti-epidemic gate is upgraded in response to the project needs. Through face detection and facial and forehead temperature measurement, it is connected to the health code of various provinces through Internet access. It is easy to install, supports mobile deployment, and can be quickly built.

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