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Madex Academy

We provide affordable variety of programs to help you master applying AI in marketing and SEO skills and bring you to the way of success!

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APDM APDM , singkatan kepada “Aplikasi Pengurusan Data Murid”, ialah sistem pengurusan data pelajar yang penting di Malaysia. Ia berfungsi sebagai platform terpusat untuk pendidik dan pentadbir

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However, based on the name, "saasastatuscheck" might imply a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to streamline or check the status of grants in the education sector. Such a tool could poten

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SRD Saasa Status Check is a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the Saasa program experience. This service offers real-time tracking of application statuses, ensuring applicants, whether stu

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"Welcome to apdmkpm, an innovative online education platform committed to providing a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. At apdmkpm, we understand the diverse needs of students and ed

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Coach Masters Academy

Professional Coaching is a life-long learning journey where coaches are committed to hone their skills in service to help their clients to experience positive change. We understand the importance of p

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Education portal

Are you looking for the best online group tuition classes in Malaysia? Our tuition classes includes access to online tutors, courses and learning.More Info: - beldemy.com/tutoring/group-tutoring-c

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Hafizzat Rusli BHD

"Hafizzat Rusli, founder and owner of Hafizzat Rusli Bhd is a successful trader and businessman. Underneath the charming demeanour and mischievous smile, lies the dynamic mind of a trading maestro who

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CPD Singapore

Our premier education consultancy firm advisor is knowledgeable in and familiar with a wide range of education management-related tools. Here we are organizing, education-related Seminars and Workshop

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